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Lip Filler in Wolverhampton at Clinique Modele Aesthetics

Clinique Modele Aesthetics are delivering lip filler in Wolverhampton. All your lip filler related questions will are answered below by our expert medical professionals. 

What are the side effects with lip filler?  Problems can occur with this treatment, however at Clinique Modele Aesthetics we have never personally experienced any issues other than the expected swelling & bruising. However a vascular occlusion can occur however this can be treated & prevented by experienced & trained professionals such as the nurses at Clinique Modele Aesthetics. 

When should I start using lip filler? We would advise you that there is never a particular time to use dermal filler on the lips it will solely come down to ones desire to have the treatment done. 

How long does lip filler last? This varies from client to client. On average clients say the effects last 6-9 months. The length can be due to lifestyle, gender, excessive exercise, diet & more. 

What is lip filler?  Lip filler is a type of dermal filler treatment used to enhance the size, shape & volume of your lips. 

Is lip filler safe? lip filleris a safe treatment if carried out by a medical specialist. There is medical training required for this procedure & always ensure that you use a clinic that specialises in advanced aesthetic treatments for this procedure. 

How do I know if lip filler is for me? Lip filler is not for everyone however its popularity has increased through the last few years. It is well published that celebrities & models are also using this technique to enhance their lips. Our medical professionals are happy to discuss this in further detail prior to treatment. 

What brand of dermal filler is used at Clinique Modele? We use Juverderm, Revolax & Mona Lisa Smile. This provides our clients with plenty of options, especially if a client is used to a particular product & does not wish to change. 

Lip filler Wolverhampton

What is the difference between botox & dermal filler? There are differences between dermal filler & botox. Dermal filler is designed to shape, add volume & fill in areas such as lines & wrinkles while botox is designed to prevent you ever getting them by ensuring that your facial expressions are subdued so that lines & wrinkles do not occur in the area(s) that you make these expressions. 

What is the process with lip filler at Clinique Modèlè? We would require a short consultation prior to the treatment & if our practitioner is content with the consultation the treatment will immediately follow. 

How do I book botox with Clinique Modèlè? You can call us on 01902 238850 to book a free consultation or email us at  

Can men have lip filler? Unfortunately this is still a question that needs to be answered. Of course men can have dermal filler treatments & it is becoming more & more common. Men should feel confident too & fuller lips is one way to achieve confidence. Note for all men, there is nothing wrong with you looking & feeling your best. 


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