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Dermal Fillers Wolverhampton

Dermal Fillers in Wolverhampton for Cheeks, Jawline, Marionette Lines, Nasolabial Folds, Hands & much more. 
Dermal Filler in Wolverhampton. Lip Filler in Wolverhampton. 

What dermal fillers do Clinique Modèlè offer? 

Lip fillers - We offer lip fillers in Wolverhampton, Tettenhall. We provide different techniques to obtain the lips that you want. These techniques include the Russian Lips that more and more of our clients are booking in for. We want to offer our clients different options as we all know one size & shape does not fit all. Russian lips is a very popular technique, this differs from the conventinal technique, the Russian lips technique accentuates the cupid's bout resemble a heart shape. There will be more volume in the centre of the lips, while the sides remain in line with the face. Our clients have the option to enhance the cupids bow & the vermilion border. The option to have the quantity of product is also available but our in-house doctor or medically trained Practitioner will also be on hand to offer their advice. As of October 2021 we have collectively conducted more than 1000 lip fillers & are clients always leave with a beautiful smile on their face. 

How do we defend the vermillion border from filler migration? This is a common problem that occurs, however this is preventable. We ensure that we take the following measures to ensure that migration of dermal filler does not occur. Using good dermal filler will ensure that migration does not occur. We are very familiar very the full anatomical structures & understanding this is key to ensure migration of dermal fillers does not occur. Massaging the dermal filler properly while injecting is essential at preventing dermal filler migration. 

How to select the lips that suit your face? Most of our clients will select an image online of the lip shape & size that they want, we will then assess the image & ensure that this will be suitable for your face. It is important to note that your face may not be suited to the lips you want & it is always important to have a professional opinion. 

What is dermal filler? dermal filler is a soft gel which is injectable & contains the ingredient hyaluronic acid. Dermal filler is designed to provide volume & shape to the area it is being injected. Dermal filler comes in many different brands & different consistencies. 

How does dermal filler work? dermal filler works by boosting the areas if injection (skin) of hyaluronic acid. This will add volume to the skin. It will also get rid of lines & wrinkles in the area it is injected by smoothing the area of injection. Dermal fillers are a soft get which consist of stabilised forms of hyaluronic acid. 

Where can dermal fillers be used? Technically dermal filler can be used almost anywhere on the face & body, however it certainly isn't suggested & there are the more common places that dermal filler will be used on. The most common would be lip filler. This is by far the most popular area for dermal filler to be used on. The other common areas are cheeks, jawline, tear trough, chin & nose. 

Are dermal fillers the correct treatment for me?  This is a question that isn't easy for the client to determine, that is why we suggest booking a consultation with Clinique Modele Aesthetics so that we can determine whether dermal filler is the correct treatment for what you are trying to achieve. If you are confident that dermal filler is for you Clinique Modele Aesthetics practitioners will still do a free consultation & will discuss the pros & cons of the procedure & whether in our opinion there is a better option for you. 

What are the side effects of dermal filler? Are the side effects to this treatment, the answer is yes, however the side effects are not as serious as you may think. Now there may be some people debating this issue but let us explain. Dermal filler should not cause serious side effects & this is because if it is done correctly by a qualified practitioner then there will be measures in place that prevent any serious side effects occurring. Clinique Modele Aesthetics have had 100's of clients & we have personally never experienced any serious side effects. The common side effects are bruising, swelling, bleeding & numbing of the area injected. These common side effects usually clear within 48 hours of the procedure being conducted. 

What should I avoid doing before my treatment? Prior to dermal filler treatment(s) we highly recommend that no alcohol is consumed within 24 hours prior to treatment. We also request that no blood thinning medicines are consumed prior to treatment, such as aspirin, the reason for this is the fact more bleeding will occur with the consumption of alcohol or blood thinning medicines. A full consultation & consent form will be completed in which this question will be raised. Please note that dermal filler cannot be performed on pregnant women or breast feeding mothers, we urge our clients to be transparent with information as this will ensure that the best treatment can be performed on the day. 

Other facts with dermal fillers - dermal filler is popular in the fashion & celebrity world alike. It has been reported that the following people have used dermal filler in one shape or form. Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Megan Fox, Cardi B & many more of the most popular celebrities in the world. We recommend that you do not follow trends & seek advice from a medical professional prior to under going any dermal filler treatment. There are many brands of dermal filler, some of the more popular brands are revolt, juverderm and Mona Lisa Smile. The brands all have different consistencies of dermal filler, this is because dermal filler is not a one size fits all, some consistencies work better on the lips & others on the jawline & chin. 

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So all that is left is to say is we look forward to hearing from you & hope to see you in a clinic near you very soon. 


With Love 

Clinique Modele Aesthetics  


We will be waiting for your call & hope to see you soon. 

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