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Botox, Botox oh did I mention Botox?

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

There is so much to discuss when it comes to botox & so many of your questions that will need answering, I am here to do my best at providing you with a full understanding of the product, process & results expected. So lets get on with it.

What is botox? So botox is actually a brand of anti-wrinkle treatment but has adopted the name of the actual treatment, however many people in the aesthetic industry use the term anti-wrinkle treatment to describe what many would call botox. Technically botox is a trademarked term & can only be used if botox the brand is being administered. I am able to use this term when describing the treatment as our clinic offers botox as an option, we also offer azzalure which is a cheaper but just as effective option to botox. I think most of you know that botox is designed to eradicate (temporarily) or prevent wrinkles, this is commonly performed on the face & forehead. The three main areas being the eyebrow area, forehead & crow's feet. Botox can be used elsewhere to treat wrinkles, however it is not as common. The technical description of the question can be found at

Why would someone use botox? At our clinic in Wolverhampton our Team will ask the client the reason they want the treatment. It is important that we have an understanding of why this treatment is being requested as there may be a better alternative which we will happily explain to the client. The chances are that the treatment is required because of lines on the forehead & corner of the eyes. So in most instances this is the reason why someone would use botox.

What should I do if I am unsure of this is correct for me? At Clinique Modele Aesthetics we strongly suggest that you contact us on 01902 238850 if you are unsure whether botox is suitable for you. Our in-house Doctor will offer you a pre-consultation for free to discuss the treatment.

What age is the right age to start having botox? This question here is the most debated question regarding anti-wrinkle treatments as it is even debated between medical professionals. Some professionals believe it is better to begin young & prevent the wrinkles from forming in the first place while other medical professionals believe that the treatment should only be conducted when lines & wrinkles are visible. The truth is it will always be down to the individual when they feel the time is the time for them. It is important that the practitioner that is conducting the treatment is aware of the reason for the treatment & that a medical professional provides approval for the treatment. At Clinique Modele Aesthetics we do not believe that it is ever necessary for botox to be administered but we understand the reason why a client would want this treatment & we will always offer the best services to our clients & ensure that the outcome is satisfactory.

Are there any side effects with botox? Although rare there are some side effects that can occur. Headaches shortly after the treatment, bumps from the needles, bruising & redness. Some of the side effects that are caused by poorly administered botox can be found at however Clinique Modele Aesthetics have never experienced any of the hyperlinked side effects as we ensure that the process is conducted professionally & with the necessary care. It is a very simple process & there should be no excuses for this treatment to result in the side effects listed on the hyperlink.

How long does the results of botox last? The results of botox last anywhere from 3 - 9 months, it all depends on the client. Clinique Modele Aesthetics have found that our results last on average around 8 months. The reason for such a discrepancy is down to a few factors, one being the product, the second being the amount of product administered & the third factor is where the product is administered. We use the top two rated products in the market, botox & azzalure. We are all very experienced in this treatment & this is the reason why our clients all leave satisfied & always return to us.

What are the benefits of botox? The benefits of botox are slightly more obvious, the fact that lines & wrinkles can be prevented or disappear will give the skin a more youthful look. It literally can feel like the years have been rolled back post-treatment. This has benefited many of our clients & made a huge difference to their confidence.

How do I get booked in? You can book in with Clinique Modele Aesthetics by calling on 01902 238850 for a free consultation. If you prefer you can email us directly at & we can correspond to you via email.

Think of us a medical wizards that hold a secret formula which will keep you looking young for as long as you would hope for, see you soon.

Love Clinique Modele Aesthetics

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